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One Character from Stargate (1994)

I need you transfer one character from original movie. As you changed some templates it will be impossible transfer whole page from old wiki. Cheers! --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 08:45 (BST)

I will Matthew, be patient. It takes time to do the things right! --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 10:21 (BST)

I mean transfer because it will allow me transfer some others if I will have an example. Cheers! --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 19:32 (BST)

Let me prepare the preload template for the characters. Right now, I'm doing the crew and actors preload template. Characters will come next. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 20:07 (BST)

Ok. You also told that maybe we can create Horus 3 and 4. By using some photos when they are overwhelmed by Abydonians?? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 20:46 (BST)

I mean I asked you on english wiki: Could be included on wiki 3 and 4 in some way? At least cropped pictures or something like references who is who.

And you answered: Not easy to do so. May be some pictures where they are masked and surrounded by the Abydonians at the end of the movie.

I will be glad if yes. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 20:52 (BST)

I know you're busy with this wiki, now. I just wonder if you will add 3 and 4, then. No rush. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 20:58 (BST)

I will, but there will be short articles. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 21:03 (BST)

It is ok, I'm glad for every character even it is short. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 21:04 (BST)

Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes are consider as Canon here, right? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 7 juillet 2016 à 07:30 (BST)

Indeed, unless they contradict the aired images, yet you have to mention the origin of the image using the <ref><!-- your text --></ref> marker in the text. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 7 juillet 2016 à 07:35 (BST)

I all time was wondering what was Loder's death cause because in episode he is knocked to side and then Unas knocked Daniel. I also thought that Loder's body was too close to forest than where he was knocked.

Loder seems portrayed by two actors. Paul Telfer and Todd Scott. The latter have in his showreel deleted shot, Loder died being thrown over tree.

Check from 2:50: http://www.csastunts.com/#!todd-scott/c1k70

--Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 7 juillet 2016 à 07:40 (BST)

Could this shot be accepted as part of Canon? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 7 juillet 2016 à 12:21 (BST)

I just wonder, because once we will do if we can incude this. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 7 juillet 2016 à 12:28 (BST)

Todd Scott is a stuntman, so there is no need to mark the two names for the character. The same could be said about Dan Shea who is the stand-in and stuntman for Richard Dean Anderson's character, Jack O'Neill. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 7 juillet 2016 à 12:28 (BST)

I mean, if we will write that Loder died when Unas thrown him to tree. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 7 juillet 2016 à 12:31 (BST)

Jack O'Neill

Thanks, Now I have some example, from it will be easiest make others.

I will add characters. How much characters is better when I will add every day? I don't know if I will have every day time, but some at least number which will made it more easy for you? When I can start? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 8 juillet 2016 à 09:10 (BST)

You can start when you want. I will check what you do and fix if necessary. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 8 juillet 2016 à 10:11 (BST)

It will take some time until I will know what exactly how. I finished Freeman but it isn't much good. :( , Photo also need license.

Freeman have exclamation mark behind 1995.


--Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 8 juillet 2016 à 11:49 (BST)

Reilly and Porro

Hi, I just turned on english wiki some info. Now it make sense. Check pages and tell me If I did right.

--Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 8 juillet 2016 à 12:13 (BST)

Photos rename

As you can see, In infobox, I usually adding images from english new wiki, because there were added some better screens. By the way, Can you fix Kemp? On old french wiki there are some character which are not complete. Cheers! --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 9 juillet 2016 à 17:50 (BST)

When you planning add Horus 3 and 4? For Wraiths etc. you told once transfer will be done. How for these two? Just wonder. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 11 juillet 2016 à 20:07 (BST)

Please Matthew, don't ask "every minute", I have this job I know it, but I also have my family, my job, my home work, and I have to combine all of this. So please be patient, I will do it in due time. Cheers! --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 12 juillet 2016 à 10:19 (BST)

Security Team Members in Atlantis

Hi, I am going through some screencaps. I know you will not care now, I just wonder: In Rising there were some members of Sumner's Team and they appeared through whole series in background etc. Some of them were credited in one episode where their role was more prominent. My question is where I have write their appearances until I will forgot that? I remember them in many but not in all episodes. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 14 juillet 2016 à 21:32 (BST)

I will write some notes of characters on my profile for now, until you can get on new pages. It will allow me don't forget some fact (For example episodes they appeared - as they are recurring). --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 18 juillet 2016 à 16:22 (BST)

Do as you feel it, your user pages are yours ;-) Cheers --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 18 juillet 2016 à 17:26 (BST)

Can Spanish Atlantis Expedition Member be part of USMC? It seems that Parker or Smitty is. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 18 juillet 2016 à 19:05 (BST)

Technically, they can't as they are Spanish. USMC can only have American citizens in its corp, as well as US Air Force. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 18 juillet 2016 à 19:26 (BST)

So, This one:



Could not be this:



--Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 18 juillet 2016 à 19:45 (BST)

It seems the faces are different. Remember, they're mainly extras. They may be military, but not from the US. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 18 juillet 2016 à 21:00 (BST)

The last ones overwhelmed by Abydonians

These two are interpreted by Dialy N'Daiye and Michel Jean-Phillipe?


I want post another question but firstly i need know this. Cheers! --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 21 juillet 2016 à 15:53 (BST)

Actually, I don't know. Four people are credited, and we can see at least seven Horus guards (not counting Anubis and Horus). One of them has been killed by O'Neill, one by Ra. Three have been killed inside the pyramid. Two were surrounded by the Abydonians. So I don't know if it's them, or other uncredited extras. If we don't know, it's better to let it go and write nothing. I think we see all the actors in the scene where O'Neill shoots the guard with the staff weapon (notably the two in the background). After that, they're all wearing helmets. Just one thing, you can write on the English wiki as well, I'm still on it ;-) Cheers --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 21 juillet 2016 à 20:19 (BST)

Two were killed by Daniel, first one when he shot at Ra, second after Horus killed Shau'ri.

Ok for both Horus. I agree that if we don't know who is who it is better write nothing. As for Soldiers, You can check on English Wiki, if it is at least kinda good. BTW: I take example from Currin and Swope. Parker and Smitty is called one page and it refers for each of two soldiers. I need you add photos now. Cheers! --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 25 juillet 2016 à 12:37 (BST)

Marine 2 - Mistake

I think that before they departed Athos, character face is different.


When we look as they returns with Athosians, there are two dark skin bald members.


When we look on third link, we can see faces of both members. That one who was on second link from back is by face more similar to one on first link.


Please Check. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 2 août 2016 à 22:34 (BST)

Did you check? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 10:19 (BST)

No I didn't, I was busy elsewhere. Sorry. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 10:20 (BST)

Ok, can you now? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 10:21 (BST)

Not right away, I have a bug to fix. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 10:24 (BST)

Ok, if you will do after I will be glad. Meanwhile I will try found some better photos of Marine 4. I know about some in other episodes. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 10:28 (BST)

Here is Marine 4 in Hide and Seek.

Link: http://www.cap-that.com/atlantis/103/images/atlantis103_0229.jpg

Link: http://www.cap-that.com/atlantis/103/images/atlantis103_1207.jpg

Here in Poisoning the Well.

Link: http://www.cap-that.com/atlantis/107/images/atlantis107_0358.jpg

And here in Hot Zone.

Link: http://www.cap-that.com/atlantis/113/images/atlantis113_0155.jpg

--Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 10:35 (BST)

First case, this is indeed a script continuity error. Eight military left Atlantis for Athos, seven of them are visible in the embarkation room, plus Sheppard. Only one of them is a bald black skinned marine. When they return, we can see two of them, one in the very background. It means that the two scenes have been filmed separately. What can we do about that, not much I'm afraid. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 11:37 (BST)

Is there at least something what we can do?

That Marine is here on left side of screen.

Link: http://www.cap-that.com/atlantis/101-102/images/atlantis101-102_0696.jpg

We can see also this one: http://en.stargatewiki.noip.me/images/5/53/Marine_%28Rising_II%29_in_Stargate_Atlantis_Season_1.jpg

But he is not in marine uniform, but wears south-africa flag.

The Marine is best seen in suspicion I think: http://www.cap-that.com/atlantis/105/images/atlantis105_1310.jpg

--Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 11:51 (BST)

We can write this in the error continuity script page (when it will be created). But we cannot invent a story where there is an obvious mistake on the script. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 12:18 (BST)

1. Can you?

2. Which episode have best screen for Marine 4?

BTW: How is your friend's daughter? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 12:31 (BST)

She is well now, more frightened than hurt, thanks for your concern. Regarding the page, I will create it based on the French page's shape (incoherences), regarding the Marine's picture, both will be downloaded, and the best will be chosen later. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 13:08 (BST)
The second marine is going to the stairs (on the left) before the team leaves Atlantis. see here. --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 4 août 2016 à 13:57 (BST)

Marine Mistake

For the record, I found another Marine (white skin) which came back with them from Athos. Link: http://atlantis.stargate-caps.com/displayimage.php?album=24&pid=32239#top_display_media

Will you add it into errors, Please? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 7 août 2016 à 21:20 (BST)

Did you check, that another one? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 28 octobre 2016 à 08:10 (BST)


1. Do you need something specific I can do either here or on english wiki?

2. Can you Please add better photos on English wiki? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 6 février 2017 à 13:43 (CST)

Trou noir de P3W-451

Hi, can you Please create the article and edit? I can translate it to english one but I can't do it the other way. Cheers! --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 15 octobre 2019 à 15:07 (CDT)

I will translate the page to english. --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 16 octobre 2019 à 10:48 (CDT)

Membre de SG-10 (Une question de temps I)

Can you Please edit Membre de SG-10 (Une question de temps I)? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 19 octobre 2019 à 11:50 (CDT)

I did what I could on that one. Cheers! --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 19 octobre 2019 à 12:48 (CDT)

Hello. Do you have time to translate page today? --Matthew Bowyer Fan (discussion) 31 octobre 2019 à 13:22 (CDT)

Hi, sorry but I won’t. I need to spend time with my family. Cheers! --LIMAFOX76 (discussion) 1 novembre 2019 à 05:21 (CDT)